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Years ago, I came up with the notion that when amateurs fail, it is because they miss the subtleties of the market. When the experts fail, it is because they miss the obvious. Back in 2005, it seemed obvious to me that financial speculation rather than demand from end-users was driving the housing boom. But too many economists, developers and builders kept going, acting as if the party would never end.  They kept trying to build a better mousetrap rather than counting the mice!


“You were right on the money with your prediction
about how all the years of easy money, risky,
zero-interest and sub-prime loans in the mortgage
market would eventually catch up to us.”

Glenn Silber, Producer, ABC News, 20/20
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Half a century ago, Goodkin Consulting virtually invented the discipline of modern real estate market research. Today, Goodkin Consulting provides insightful real estate analysis and thoughtful forecasts, based on solid research, on the key issues facing the nation’s real estate markets. Our firm’s comprehensive reports provide clients in the real estate and financial sectors with specific, detailed recommendations, helping them turn analysis into action.


Goodkin Named to Advisory Board

Lewis Goodkin has been named to the National Advisory Board of Nova Southeastern University’s Master of Science in Real Estate Development (MSRED) program. He will also be the keynote speaker for the board’s June 3 meeting held at the H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship.

Goodkin to Moderate Multifamily Discussion

Lewis Goodkin will be moderating the multifamily section of Opal’s annual Real Estate Investors Summit: Dealmakers Conference to be held April 13-15, 2011 at the Gansevoort Miami Beach. The conference will analyze opportunities and challenges in the real estate market; examine best practices and explore new dealmaking strategies.

Private Equity Firm Engages Goodkin Consulting

New York private equity firm JC Flowers & Co. has engaged Goodkin Consulting to assist in assessing selected bank portfolios, read more »

The oil spill’s impact on Gulf Coast property values

To see the Fox Business interview, read more »

Speaker for University of Miami School of Law’s 34th Institute on Condominium and Cluster Developments

Lewis Goodkin spoke on “The Future of Condominiums and Planned Developments: Why and How They Will be Different from the Past.”


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